South Africa's Ultimate 3 Day
Boutique Single Track Stage Race
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Mercedes-Benz Mpekweni MTB Classic

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Route Overview

Day 1 - Five Valleys

Five Valleys sees the intrepid riders head north on a short district road section before dropping into “Bouncing Bruce’s”. “Bouncing Bruce’s” is the first single track section that flows down to the Mtati river. Here is a perfect example where one does not just admire the view, but one is actually part of it. After a short river crossing, riders will face a double hump climb “The Camel’s Back” which will test your legs and get that heart racing. At the top, riders get a short gravel road recovery section before dropping into the Mgwalana valley with “Tharfield’s Tit” lying just ahead. The Tharfield Community is one of the beneficiaries of this race and they come out and line the streets in support of all riders as well as their “local team” that partake in this epic race. It is then time to traverse the top of the Birha river with the most amazing views and drop into the “Birha Loop” eventually crossing the Birha river as riders make their way towards “Pump House”. After a welcoming and gratifying long free wheel section down to the pump station and a beautiful meander back up to the gravel road, riders will link up onto a new jeep track section crossing a small valley as they make their way back to Benton, with the Hotel looming in the distance, you will wonder if that wasn’t some of the best single track you have ever ridden as you push through to the finish of day one.

Day 2 - Saddle Up

Riders head out on the district road for first 6km before swooping down “Rut Hill” and into the first single track section of the day, Benton’s Meander. Mtati river offers beautiful views along the way. Riders then hit “Switch Backs” and head towards Benton. A short climb up past the local school, where the children hand makes your finisher medals and will be waiting to cheer you on towards the most mind blowing drop-in, “The Saddle”. You will ride on the edge of a cliff with vast expanses and immense solitudes enshrined in all you survey. This will lead you into your first river bed section which meanders and tunnels through the bush canopy under the cliff overhang, leaving you wondering if this is real. The Jeep-track climb out will test those legs but before knowing it you are dropping into your second river bed section – “Collar Bone Creek” with Tharfield just ahead. After a gravel road section “Wag n Bietjie Valley” awaits you and onwards and upwards you grind into “Bush Buck Ridge” until you are met by our crew and for some much needed nutrition and hydration. The legendary “Spoke Valley” drop-in has always been one of our firm favourites and gives you valley-riding at its ultimate. A much needed recovery dirt road will get that heart rate down and with only 1 valley left, “Benton’s Best” you will feel the reward of riding such pristine track and beauty of the surroundings. Over the fence-crossing we go and onto “Mpekweni’s Window” with the hotel in sight, it’s through some classic sea bush and under the bridge as your cheering crowds and families await.

Day 3 - Mpekweni's Showpiece

This is still our “show-off” day with 90% of it being single and jeep-track riding, taking you along the magical Mpekweni River bank, climbing up “Hoes Hill” and dropping back down over our floating bridge crossing. Into “Reservoir” we turn which is classic cattle-track riding, snaking across some amazing terrain and before you know it, we are into “Cry Baby Kirch’s” for some testing tight riding through bush and river crossings, eventually climbing out to our first water table of the day. “Pink House” is up next and with “Malpit’s Finger” looming on the horizon, you are in for an amazing section that drops down for km’s, riding through an old farm house up to a district dirt road. The best is still to come, “This Is Tit” must be one of our favourite finds, dropping all the way back down and crossing the Mtati River at the bottom – you will be so ready for an easy climb out that takes you to our last and most scenic river section, which includes “Hensberg’s Coil”, “Python Valley” and onto “Cycad Alley” tunnel riding through sea bush, riding like you’ve never seen before. YOUR epic ride coming to a close, all that is left is back under the bridge and into the Hotel where, I am sure, a couple of cold ones will be beckoning, ending the day with the famous 5 Star Mpekweni Buffet Lunch and prize giving. Finally, you are able to bask in the glow of self-fulfilment as you reflect on your achievement! Wag chins with the other participants as you compare notes of the ups and downs - the knocks and the scratches – the triumphant feeling of all that you have accomplished! Well done!!
"This is the best single track I have ever experienced, will definitely be back again next year!"
- Shane Andrew Hayward
"Best single track riding! Thanks to Jason and his team - AWESOME!"
- Michelle Prins Vieira Schlebusch
"Got to be one of the great weekends for the family, on the sunshine coast. Cycling / fishing / surfing / swimming / golf / river cruises / game drives and many many more fun activities for the whole family!"
- Eric Kent


The Mpekweni MTB Classic offers a host of services for your convenience, adding to the entire experience.

Bike Mechanic

We will have a bike mechanic shop on-location to attend to your service requirements during the race

Airport Transfer

Airport transfer to the Mpekweni Resort can be organized, see entry form's for more details or contact us directly

Bike Storage

Your bike will be stored in our secure storage facilities to ensure that it is safe and protected from the elements

Medical Support Staff

Our medical support staff will be available during the entirety of the event to further ensure your health & safety

Bike Wash

Each day we will clean your bike to ensure all dust and grime are removed and you ready to ride the next day

Race Sweeper

A sweeper on a motorbike will trail behind the last partipant on the track to ensure nobody is left stranded or without help


The Mpekweni Resort offers a dedicated spa facility with Sauna, Steam Room and Massage facilites

Community Upliftment

Communities close to Mpekweni are key role-players in preserving the trails that pass through the old Ciskei farms. MultiSport Events (MSE) long-term community development objective is therefore to assist the local communities both economically and socially.
Over the last 4 years MSE only employs staff within the communities of Benton & Tharfield to open and maintain the MTB tracks, and also provides the schools in the local region with the opportunity to embrace and engage in the event.

MSE supply the schools with wire, beads and the necessary tools to make the finisher medals which is then purchased from the schools. All proceeds including a percentage of race profits go towards the upkeep and maintenance of the schools & upgrading community halls. The kids also help create a welcoming atmosphere while helping at the different water tables.
2017 saw us, for the 2nd time, having a team from each village riding against each other. The bikes, cycle gear and training was provided by the event organizers and MBSA.

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